The Inn's History

“The Farm” was established in 1824.

The home was a 1 story full “New England Cape” with 2 bedrooms, common or living room and kitchen/dining room.The home was heated with 3 fireplaces on a central chimney with a beehive oven. Encompassing 130 acres, the original farm had about 30 acres in pasture land and the rest in woodlands and later large groves of sugar maples. Enoch Messer built this house and he and his family and his descendants remained here until 1976. Enoch had three wives during his life time with his third wife Eliza Ann living to be 91 years old and living here for over 60 years. The farm produced maple syrup and sugar, had a small herd of dairy cows and produced butter for sale at the local grocers. The family’s machine shop and milling operations were well known in the area. They utilized a two-horse powered sawmill to custom cut lumber for their customers and the machine shop was reputed to able to manufacture or fix just about anything.

Meet the Owners

Hi there! William and I have officially taken over the family business. The Inn has been run by Williams’s Father Dennis for over 40 years.  William grew up in this house working along the side of his father since he could walk.  Although we don’t allow other pets at our inn, we hope you get a warm welcome from Bauer our Golden Retriever. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!